Messengers Of Recovery Founder-John

My name is John, Founder of the Messengers of Recovery. Our Club was formed in the San Fernando Valley, California, to bring together other recovering Harley-Davidson riders who share the same love of riding and brotherhood that you get from riding with a patch-holding club.

Our goals are to have fun, help others, and carry the message of recovery through motorcycling.

We are members of the Confederation of Clubs of Southern California. We have chapters in San Fernando Valley, Riverside, San Diego, City of Orange, Santa Maria and Santa Clarita, California.

There is a lot of recovery in our Club — most of our members have double digits. We are a 12-Step oriented group and always try to conduct ourselves in that manner. We go on a lot of runs; we also do charity runs and support other Confederation clubs. Please enjoy your browse around our website, and if you have any questions, please contact us.